52 Catches (Kanons)

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52 Catches


Editor: Nikolaus Delius

Provozovací partitura

Obsazení: 1-4 Sopran-Blockflöten oder andere Melodie-Instrumente

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52 Catches


Editor: Nikolaus Delius

Provozovací partitura

Obsazení: 1-4 Sopran-Blockflöten oder andere Melodie-Instrumente

Obtížnost: mírná


Brown: Of honest malt

Purcell: Would you know

A Hogshead was

Dr.J. Blow: Joan has been galloping

Come good sober Jacob

Eccles: Confusion to the pow'r

Purcell: Hark the bonny

Had she not care

Here shere is my Landlord

Fay nay prithe John

All we here

Was ever mortall man

Clarke I: In drinking

Purcell: True English men

Nelham: Take a pound

Purcell: Under this stone

Purcell: If all be true

Purcell: An ape a Lyon

From Audenarde

Said Sr. John

Purcell: Souldier take off thy wine

Ding Dong Bell

Dr.J. Blow: How shall we speak

Purcell: Once twice thrice

Franc what shall we do

Here Tom

Hilton II: There was an invisible fox

Purcell: Now we are met

Quoth Jack

Day: Come drink

Say good master Bacchus

Purcell: Drink on

Once in our libes

Purcell: Pale faces

Clarke I: Here's a health

You may talk

Cobb: These are the cries of London

Purcell: Bring the bowl

Dr.W. Turner: A pox on repining

Tis pitty poor Barnet

Tinking tom

Purcell: Let's live good honest lives

Purcell: Room for the express

Purcell: Who comes there

Purcell: Sum uo

Will you go by water

Purcell: Tom makeing a manteau

Purcell: Come come let us

Purcell: The miller's daughter

A sorry poor

Purcell: A health to the nut